Drupal Configuration and Customization

For the final project in my classes covering Drupal configuration and customization, I built a website using the CMS Drupal 7 that was an "updated" version of a webpage I made in the mid-1990s about my major interest at the time: TY Beanie Babies.

  • Classes:
    Application Platform Configuration + Application Platform Customization
  • Project Type:
    Drupal (Web) Development and Customization
  • Skills/Languages Used:
    Drupal 7, PHP
  • Date:
    November-December 2012
  • Favorite Beanie Baby:
    Captain the whale
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Screenshot and Link to Kyle's Beanie Links Redux

Click here to visit Kyle's Beanie Links Redux. I've provided some screenshots of the website below, which illustrate some key features of the website, which is intended to serve as a community hub for Beanie Baby collectors and lovers.

Home Page

Home Page Screenshot


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