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Welcome! I am a recent graduate from the University of Michigan School of Information, having earned my Master of Science in Information, specializing in HCI. I am seeking a full-time position in the UX or IA fields, ideally in Greater Cincinnati, Ann Arbor, Metro Detroit or Columbus, but am open to all locations.

Please check out the featured projects on this page, or jump right in to my portfolio:

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  • GM Contextual Inquiry Project
  • Tipple Mobile App

Oh, hello there.

Hi it's me

Graduate with a Masters in HCI from University of Michigan School of Information as of May 2013. Lover of UX, CSCW, acronyms, good design, good food, proper grammar, sarcasm, whiskey, the midwest.

Featured Project: NPM Website Evaluation

CIC Project - MBA Persona

Leading a group of volunteers working with the University of Michigan Nonprofit and Public Management Center (NPM) to evaluate its current website using UX research methods and providing informed IA and design recommendations for NPM's upcoming website redesign and rebranding. Research activites included user interviews, user persona creation, heuristic evaluations and competitive analyses.

The project's deliverable was a final report to the client, providing our major findings and recommendations, along with supporting research.

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